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Reasons for taking a Manchester tour this time

Being the greatest city in the Northern England, Manchester is the popular place to visit and enjoy the holidays. If you are looking for a travel destination outside London, you can tour the place. There are a lot many things to do and explore here. It is the first industrial city of the globe which is vibrant and lively. Let us check out some of the top places to visit here.

Manchester Cathedral: the very imposing cathedral

Although there are many places to visit and see in Manchester, you must start your sightseeing from this imposing cathedral. It is located a short distance from Piccadilly, the shopping district. Constructed in the 15th century, the cathedral stands tall alongside River Irwell and hosts a lot of religious ceremonies. The cathedral hosts too many musical events and festivals as well. When there is no event taking place, visitors can enter the cathedral and enjoy an inside look.

The very famous National Museum of Football

Manchester is the home to Manchester United and Manchester City, the famous football clubs. The association of the city with football is a huge draw and attracts the travelers from all across the globe. If you are visiting Manchester, you should consider adding National Museum of Football to the itinerary. The place is engaging, interesting for everyone.

A visit to Northern Quarter

A few minutes of walking from Manchester Cathedral will land you on the Northern Quarter. This is in fact the city’s coolest district featuring reclaimed buildings and cobbled streets. It is the home to bars, eateries and galleries. Near to this place, there are several places to visit.

Chinatown: Manchester’s main shopping destination

This is the main shopping destination and if you are a shopaholic, you need to head towards Chinatown. It is the unique quarter, which is well populated by the locals. It is renowned for iconic arches and in fact the area is amazingly alive with different activities. Without paying a visit to the Chinatown, your tour is incomplete.

The Art Gallery of Manchester

Manchester Art Gallery is located near to the Chinatown and is one of the highlights. You are free to enter the gallery and enjoy the exhibitions, art shows. The place must top your travel itinerary.

Manchester is one of the renowned cities that is must visit. The major city or the metropolitan borough is the second most populous city of the United States. Read more at www.manchestersocialforum.org.uk

Which Career Should You Choose in the 21st Century?


This is a question that a lot of parents are probably asking themselves as they worry about how the information age is slowing down the amount of jobs that are available for low skilled workers. Manufacturing is being automated by machines, so it’s really just the engineers who are getting them, marketing is moving to digital at an alarming rate and requires serious skills, and people are moving more towards the online sector for everything from groceries, food delivery and their services. In fact, not even accountants are safe; with AI the biggest threat to the industry and expecting to completely take it out within the next 30 years.

Manchester is lucky though with the diverse and qualified people that it has in its workforce. Added to this, it is now getting a really fast train to connect us and London, so the boom that is being experienced over there is slowly creeping up to here as we become the powerhouse of the north of the country. This is something that I feel is huge for young people while leaving the unskilled behind. Will this create an underclass that is dependent on the tax payer and government for their benefits though, or will there be something that looks to raise them up and get them to the same web-designing-companies1level that the rest of society will be on. It is such a fine line when observed from the outside that it’s hard to say which way it will go. When you add unskilled immigration to the mix too – which seems to be pouring in at an alarming rate then who knows what’s going to happen.

Some cool careers that are pretty easy to wrap your head around and bring value to businesses are things like web designers, which I am one of. This Manchester guide on how to be a web designer should help. Other good, high paying jobs are in the law industry (although also under threat by AI) and the software industry – creating programs and applications that look to change the way people view and interact with their job, home and life in general. Truth be told, if someone could make a viable alternative to Facebook; akin to what DuckDuckGo has done to Google – I would be really happy. All of it comes down to you as a person though, and your passion and skills need to be fully realised too – so if you are doing something that you aren’t 100% passionate about then it’s a real bummer from not just your perspective, but also from the view of society who is unable to take full value in what you as a unique special little snow flake has to offer. I’ll end this with the analogy of the glass bowl, which you can take or leave – but a glass bowl holding a balcony door open with the wind swirling around outside is not going to stay there very long – and it’s a case of if you bring that glass bowl in side or if you let it fall down and shatter in to a load of different pieces. Food for thought though, as strange as that Manchester saying is.…

The Best TV Aerial Installation in Manchester

post image

One of the benefits of having this website is the ability to blog about services and businesses that I have used. I can then praise or criticise the said service if I want depending on the quality of what I have received. This also leaves it open for you the reader to take in what is written and decide for your self if you would use this trade or business yourself. Anyway, I recently moved residence from a small 2 bed apartment in Manchester to a much larger 2 bed house, this having a back garden, and although it is a little distance from the City centre, for the extra space I have I feel it is worth it. So, having moved in I quickly noticed that when I plugged in the TV into the TV point, the message on the television read ‘no signal’. I looked on the roof to see if there was a TV aerial there, and there were a few, so I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t working. I also tried the TV on other TV points, but to no avail. So, I got online and typed in TV aerial installation in google to see if there was anyone local that could come out and resolve this issue.

After speaking to a few of these companies I settle with one of them since they seemed to be able to give me some prices over the phone as to what certain results may cost me. I prefer this to an aerial fitter coming out to asses the fault and hitting me with a large quote then whilst he’s standing waiting for my answer. So, when the aerial installer that I had booked in arrived I was pleasantly surprised, he was neat, arrived on time, and actually wore some boot covers for entering the house. After testing the aerial system he concluded that the cable that are within the walls and feeding the TV points were showing signs of water ingress, since the copper braiding was either black or a powdery light green colour. He said that the best option long-term was a new Full band or digital aerial installation with the cables running outside and then entering the property at the various places where I wanted the aerial sockets to go. I was having 3 points off that aerial, one for the living room , kitchen and bedroom a like. The total cost was going to be £310 +vat and the guarantee for the aerial installation was a lifetime on the equipment.

Since I was now going to be staying in this property for a good few years I decided it was a good investment and to be fair it was the same price I’d been given over the phone so I was satisfied with the quote. The whole job took a few hours and after it he cleaned up any mess and as a favour he also removed the old TV aerials off the chimney stake and any old cable was also taken down. At the end he tuned in the TV’s and that was it. The whole process was very well handled and I never felt under any pressure to have to go with his services. If you are having a tradesman around to do some work, this chap from TV Aerials Manchester sets a perfect example of how to behave.

If you are looking for a quality aerial service, then you won’t do much better in my opinion, than going with;

TV Aerials Manchester 83 Ducie Street
M1 2JQ
United Kingdom 0161 883 1945  

Some very interesting facts about Manchester United

Manchester United Football Club is the most successful clubs on the entire planet. The players are also known as the Red Devils and this club is based in Greater Manchester, England. There are some interesting facts about the place which you must know.

The name of the Football Club, Manchester United was different

Manchester United was never the first choice for the Football Club and in fact, it was named as Newton Health LYR Football Club. However, the name got changed to Manchester United FC on the 24th of April in 1902 just due to the change in the ownership.

Manchester Players were the first to reach European Cup

It is interesting to note that the Red Devils is the foremost English teams to take part in the European Cup. In spite of the fact that Football League did not want The Red Devils to participate, Manchester United moved forward to take part in the European Cup, 1957. But then, they were beaten by the Real Madrid team while on the way to the semi-finals. Before this, the club Manchester United beat Anderlecht FC with the score 10-0. This has been the biggest win ever.

The Munich air disaster in the 1958 claimed the lives of 8 players

A plane crash took place on the 6th of January 1958 that claimed the lives of 8 players. Among the players who died, mention must be made to Mark Jones, Duncan Edwards, Eddie Colman, Geoff Bent, Roger Byrne, Billy Whelan and few others. The plane was carrying officials, team players, journalists and it crashed near Munich, Germany.

Manchester United holds several titles

The Club, Manchester United holds several titles. It has 19 top division titles, 12 Premier League Titles and has 11 FA cups. In fact, the club has made the maximum appearances in the Football finals. The Red Devils are the first to win the European Cup.

The Club never won UEFA European Cup

It is true that Manchester United Football Club got into the quarter finals for maximum times but it never won UEFA European Cup.

The team has the most successful manager of the England Football history

Since November, 1986, Sir Alex Ferguson is managing the club. So, the club has won around 27 titles till now. The Scottish Football manager is most honored and has the maximum titles.

The above facts on Manchester United Football Club are the most interesting ones. The team is very successful and popular. Read more at www.manchestersocialforum.org.uk


Top hotels, resorts and shopping destinations in Manchester

In the entire UK, Manchester is the most beautiful city. In fact, it offers something to everyone. Enjoy world-class buildings, museums, amazing restaurants, monuments and vibrant nightlife. The streets of Manchester keep buzzing with shopping centers and malls. If you enjoy shopping a lot, you must reserve a day shopping in Manchester.

Beautiful hotels and resorts

There is an entire chain of hotels and resorts in Manchester to offer a memorable travel experience. Luxury hotels can be booked along with your travel ticket. So, you get benefits in the form of affordable rates as hotels come up with attractive discounts and you also enjoy a lavish accommodation. Some of the worth considering hotels are The Lowry Hotel, The Gardens Hotel, The Midland Hotel, Malmaison Manchester.

Nightlife in Manchester

Vibrant nightlife and stunning nights in Manchester will force you to dance to the musical beats of DJs. You can do a lot of things in the city of Manchester. It depends on a traveler whether he wants to rock the dance floors or enjoy drinks and wine. Some of the must try out places during the night are The Alchemist, Rain Bar, The Rumors Are True, Cord and many such.

Shopping in Manchester

Style accessories, amazing wears, wine, households, religious items, there are plenty to shop for at Manchester. In the city, you can do plenty of shopping. The streets of Manchester are full of high class shopping centers, malls and scintillating street markets. You can check out places like Selfridges, The Trafford Center, Market Place Outlet Mall,

Harvey Nichols.

Lowry Outlet Mall for the fashion savvy

Lowry Outlet Mall in the Manchester is perfect for fashion savvy individuals. Here you find shops in abundance offering discounts up to 50%. Whether one is a man or a woman, there is something for everyone. The mall is just a short distance away from Holiday Inn Express.

Manchester Gay Village

Gay and lesbian tourists have plenty to explore in Manchester. Canal Street is full of gay restaurants, bars and clubs that line up the banks of the canal. In fact, it is the most successful villages in Manchester for gays. Read more at www.manchestersocialforum.org.uk

So, Manchester is a must try place for a travel savvy. A lot of excitement awaits you in Manchester.